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Story behind the name: I represents INDIA, T represents technical, lords represents people. ITECHLORDS IS a private, third party software service provider company situated in INDIA, incorporated on 7th april 2017 with a burning desire to reach out common people and help them with any kind of software problem. We at ITECHLORDS leaves no stones unturned to bring out the best possible performance of the device that will make you fall in love with it.


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Data back up and Management Services.

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REMOTE SESSION: ITECHLORDS would like to take a time out and explain what it really is. Few years ago it was very hard to reach a RIGHT TECHNICAL EXPERT for our devices. I remember as a kid, i had to carry my PC all the way to my Aunt's place in order to perform a complete format on my computer.

A big thanks to technology for making it so easy to reach a technical expert today who can get in touch within seconds and can fix the problem within minutes. In order to understand the problem in better way and shorten the resolution time remote session was introduced.

In this session, technical experts shares his screen with the customer or vice-versa with the help of remote sharing softwares. In this session customer is always(we mean it) the PRIMARY CONTROLLER and the technical expert is the SECONDARY CONTROLLER which means customer always have the freedom to cut the remote session anytime.

Technical experts are NOT AUTHORISED TO TOUCH ANY PERSONAL OR IRREVELANT DATA WHICH IS NOT RELATED TO THE PROBLEM. Thus customer can see exactly what the expert is doing right in front of their eyes with 100% transparency. In this way customer gets to know what went wrong and how exactly we are fixing it.

DOING MORE THAN WHAT WE GET PAID FOR: ITECHLORDS is dedicated to live up to its words. Apart from the resolution of the problem we also provide guidelines and steps that we have performed. It makes the customers self educated and give them the confidence to tackle it own their own in the case of reoccurence.


ITECHLORDS objective is to make the masses computer literate. ITECHLORDS intention is to change the IMAGE of "INDIAN TECHNICAL SUPPORT" in the world by providing 100% transparent, trustworthy and reliable technical support guided with the fuel of TRUTHFULLNESS, HONESTY, KIND HEARTEDNESS, LOVE AND PASSION. ITECHLORDS is created to destroy the fraudelent and scamming individuals and companies who are misusing their technical skills and cheating innocent people and creating the WRONG IMAGE of the COUNTRY in the world.

Products Table


Incidental package for one device

  1. Single Incident is Covered
    (exhausts immediately)
  2. Valid for 3 months only
  3. 1 Free tune up Seesion
top sale

ANNUAL PACKAGE for 1 device

  1. Repairing and maintainence for unlimited
    issues during a calendar year
  2. Valid for one year
  3. Optmisation, clean up and tune up
  4. Data back up and Recovery
  5. Installation and set up Assistence
    for Latest softwares
  6. 3 free tune up Sessions


  1. Virus and threat removal.
  2. Customised antivirus upto
    3 years of validity
  3. firewall, pop up, malware,
    adware and trojan protection.
  4. Single Device

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